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Since 1997, Bridges Project for Education has assisted over 2,600 students of all ages and

their families in accessing higher education.

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Why Support Bridges?

Bridges works to create systems change by helping equalize access to higher education, so that first-generation to college, low‐income and minority students will be able to overcome access barriers that have prevented them from enrolling in colleges and completing their course of study. These student demographic groups, underrepresented in higher education, benefit from individualized support through the college application and financial aid process. Comprehensive admissions and financial aid counseling is the heart of Bridges’ work because it addresses the unique needs of our student population and rural Taos County communities.

We have witnessed that as members of a family learn how to navigate the admissions process the experience becomes a part of their vocabulary. An increasing number of clients come to Bridges because another family member has been helped, and the effect has rippled through our tight-knit, family-focused communities. Sisters follow brothers; parents are inspired by their children; husbands follow wives; and friends refer friends. Empowered by their own experience, and possessing the language and tools to assist others, many Bridges clients have become educational advocates themselves. As they are able to help others in their family, negative cycles begin to break down. Change can then take place gradually over the course of generations.

Our belief is that the benefits of higher education for students, their families, their communities and beyond to encompass our society at large are broad, deep and numerous. A college education can impact an improved quality of life for the individual and their family – more career choices, better health, longer life expectancy and greater income – their community – increased civic engagement,  community service and social mobility, along with stronger interpersonal relationships – and our nation – a democratic and informed citizenry educated in the skills and understanding required to create and sustain a 21st century America based on the indisputable right for all people to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” While higher education is not the right choice for every person, Bridges is an advocate for access to higher education for anyone who feels it’s the best choice for them.


There are many ways in which you can show your appreciation and support for Bridges Project for Education. Your contributions help students of all ages in Taos County and Northern New Mexico access higher education, especially those who are among the first in their families to seek vocational training and college degrees.

Bridges is a small is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit supporting big dreams. Gifts of any size are appreciated and all contributions are tax-deductible. Additionally, your company might offer matching grants for donations you make!


Make a single donation, of any value, using the button below: 

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Or  U.S. Checks and Money Orders can be sent to:

Bridges Project for Education
Post Office Box 308
Taos, New Mexico

Shop at Smith's

Sign up for Smith’s Food and Drug Inspiring Donations program through your online membership portal. When you shop at Smith’s, use your reward card and Smith’s will contribute 0. 5% of the eligible purchases that you make to Bridges.

Purchase at Amazon

Make your purchases via AmazonSmile. Amazon will donate 0. 5% of the eligible Amazon purchases that you make to Bridges!

Bring Your Own Bag to Cid's

Use a reusable bag at Cid’s Food Market and drop your bag token in Bridge’s donation can. Cid’s then donates those contributions to Bridges.

Sponsor a Student

Donate in honor of a student in your life, or to support Bridges as we help a Taos County student pursue their dreams by accessing higher education.

Sponsor a Class

Help a Taos High School 9th grade class learn about their future career and education options and how they can take mindful, proactive steps to achieve their goals.

Host an Event in Bridges’ Honor

Host your gathering or party as a fun fundraiser in which Bridges is the recipient!

Give a Gift in Bridges’ Honor

Bestow an extra special gift – birthday, anniversary or graduation – on behalf of Bridges.

Corporate Match

Double your charitable giving to Bridges if your employer offers a matching gift program. Some employers provide a matching one to one donation to the nonprofit of your choice.

Bequest/Will Beneficiary

Make Bridges the beneficiary of your will through a bequest. Talk to your financial advisor about contributing to Bridges as a part of your life’s legacy.

In Memorium

Give a gift to Bridges in honor of someone who has passed. This as a beautiful way to honor the memory of a loved one.

Other Ideas?

We’re all ears. Please email us to inquire about in-kind gifts or volunteering your time to help with fundraisers and special events. 

Sharing information about Bridges with your friends and following us on Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) is always appreciated!

– Bridges’ Partners –

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