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Since 1997, Bridges Project for Education has assisted over 2,700 students of all ages and

their families in accessing higher education.

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Why Support Bridges?

Bridges works to create systems change by helping equalize access to higher education, so that first-generation to college, low‐income and minority students will be able to overcome access barriers that have prevented them from enrolling in colleges and completing their course of study. These student demographic groups, underrepresented in higher education, benefit from individualized support through the college application and financial aid process. Comprehensive admissions and financial aid counseling is the heart of Bridges’ work because it addresses the unique needs of our student population and rural Taos County communities.

We have witnessed that as members of a family learn how to navigate the admissions process the experience becomes a part of their vocabulary. An increasing number of clients come to Bridges because another family member has been helped, and the effect has rippled through our tight-knit, family-focused communities. Sisters follow brothers; parents are inspired by their children; husbands follow wives; and friends refer friends. Empowered by their own experience, and possessing the language and tools to assist others, many Bridges clients have become educational advocates themselves. As they are able to help others in their family, negative cycles begin to break down. Change can then take place gradually over the course of generations.

Our belief is that the benefits of higher education for students, their families, their communities and beyond to encompass our society at large are broad, deep and numerous. A college education can impact an improved quality of life for the individual and their family – more career choices, better health, longer life expectancy and greater income – their community – increased civic engagement,  community service and social mobility, along with stronger interpersonal relationships – and our nation – a democratic and informed citizenry educated in the skills and understanding required to create and sustain a 21st century America based on the indisputable right for all people to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” While higher education is not the right choice for every person, Bridges is an advocate for access to higher education for anyone who feels it’s the best choice for them.


There are many ways in which you can show your appreciation and support for Bridges Project for Education. Your contributions help students of all ages in Taos County and Northern New Mexico access higher education, especially those who are among the first in their families to seek vocational training and college degrees.

Bridges is a small is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit supporting big dreams. Gifts of any size are appreciated and all contributions are tax-deductible. Additionally, your company might offer matching grants for donations you make!


Make a single donation, of any value, using the button below: 

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Or  U.S. Checks and Money Orders can be sent to:

Bridges Project for Education
Post Office Box 308
Taos, New Mexico

Shop at Smith's

Sign up for Smith’s Food and Drug Inspiring Donations program through your online membership portal. When you shop at Smith’s, use your reward card and Smith’s will contribute 0. 5% of the eligible purchases that you make to Bridges.

Purchase at Amazon

Make your purchases via AmazonSmile. Amazon will donate 0. 5% of the eligible Amazon purchases that you make to Bridges!

Bring a Bag to Cid's Market

Use a reusable bag at Cid’s Food Market and drop your bag token in Bridge’s donation can. Cid’s then donates those contributions to Bridges.

Sponsor a Student

Donate in honor of a student in your life, or to support Bridges as we help a Taos County student pursue their dreams by accessing higher education.

Sponsor a Class

Help a Taos High School 9th grade class learn about their future career and education options and how they can take mindful, proactive steps to achieve their goals.

Host an Event in Bridges’ Honor

Host your gathering or party as a fun fundraiser in which Bridges is the recipient!

Give a Gift in Bridges’ Honor

Bestow an extra special gift – birthday, anniversary or graduation – on behalf of Bridges.

Corporate Match

Double your charitable giving to Bridges if your employer offers a matching gift program. Some employers provide a matching one to one donation to the nonprofit of your choice.

Bequest/Will Beneficiary

Make Bridges the beneficiary of your will through a bequest. Talk to your financial advisor about contributing to Bridges as a part of your life’s legacy.

In Memorium

Give a gift to Bridges in honor of someone who has passed. This as a beautiful way to honor the memory of a loved one.

Other Ideas?

We’re all ears. Please email us to inquire about in-kind gifts or volunteering your time to help with fundraisers and special events. 

Sharing information about Bridges with your friends and following us on Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) is always appreciated!


We’d like to celebrate the wonderful people, businesses and foundations that have so generously supported Bridges during the past 19 years.

We apologize if we have unintentionally left your name out or if we listed your contribution incorrectly. Please let us know, as we’d like to acknowledge you properly.



Anonymous Donors
Edy and Charles Anderson
Flora and Orlando Archuleta
Karina Armijo
Cynthia Arvidson
Dr. Gary Atias
Linda and Robert Attiyeh
Lyn and James Avery
Kristen Barney
Sharon and Robert Barton
Liana and Ezra Bayles
Karen and Ken Bergren
Ursula and Lawrence Berkowitz
Patricia Berry
Amanda Bissell
Lauren and Per Bjorkman
Tad Bourg
Rebecca Burrell
Callie Carroll
Dr. Stephen Cetrulo
Janis and Roy Coffee
Alexandra and Oliver Collignon
Ava Collignon
Tifany Collins
Ava Collingnon
Romy and Carl Colonius
Terry Davis
Sarah Deering
Nikki Donner
Fred Fair
Kiersten Figurski
Cheri Fletcher
Dorothy Forbes
Vickie Ford
Josie Foster
Peter French
Hank Friedman
Ken Gallard
Maria Garcia
Peter W. Gilroy
Matty and Dan Goldberg
Sue and Ray Goldberg
Whitney Goler
Sara Jean and Gene Gray
Julie Gray
Peggy and John Hamilton
Lynn Hamrick
Charles Harrison
Josie and Danny Hart
Jasmin Hastings
Kathryn Hayden
Caryn and Michael Hess
Brett Hills
Cathie Hughes
Roger Hyndman
Tracy and Greg Jaramillo
Marc Kaplan
Juman Khweis
Lynn and Billy Knight
Audra Knutson
Vincent Laroza
Jordan Lee
Roberta and Roger Lerman
Anne and Brian Levine
Ricki and Nate Levine
Tina Liebowitz
Blue MacHardy
Nancy and Vishu Magee
Janet Majerus and Robert Burke
Feliz Martinez
Sydney McDonnell
Sharon and Don McLaughlin
Gael and Ty Minton
Chaz Mitchell
Joella Montoya
Joleen Montoya
Linda Moscarella
Tera Muskrat
Heather Nelson
Andrea and Patrick Nicholson
Phyllis and Jack Nottingham
Connie Ode´
Patricia and Steve Okamoto
Kristina Ortez
Katherine and William Owen
Jane and Richard Padberg
Kerrie and Roger Pattison
Bette and Richard Pesikoff
Rosmarie Peters
Anne Marie Petrokubi and Norm Ferguson
Shannon and John Poynter
Jackson Price
Santana Rael
Polly Raye and Bill Christmas
Rebeca Romero Rainey and John Rainey
Peter Rich
Jean Richards
Anne Riebli
Christine and Stanley Riveles
Amber Gallup Rodriguez and Oscar Rodriguez
Cheryl and Martin Romero
Eliu Romero
Elizabeth Romero
Leslie Mondragon Romero and Chris Romero
Regina Romero
Doris Rosen
Christine Sargent
Pat and Larry Sargent
Lindsey and Lucas Schreiber
Amy Scott
Jen Scott
Geneva Seltzer
Anthony Skvarla
Will Song
Judy and Tom Sparrow
Bambi and Lou Sturbois
Nancy and Jeff Tetenbaum
Janet and Ken Taht
Marc Thompson
Bernadette Track
Contessa Trujillo
Lauria and Ricardo Urbanejo
Deborah and Ben Van Willigen
Leslie Warnick
Debbie Weil
Susan and Steve Weil
Tim Weil
Lowber Welsh
Jim White
Carolyn and Ben Whitehill
Suzanne Wiggin
Alysha Wilcox
Alycia Winchester
Peg Bartlett-Wynward and Todd Wynward
Doug Yeager
William E. and Caryle H. Zorumski


ABI Real Estate Investments
Bella Mundi
Buddhapunk Jewelry
Centinel Bank
Charlotte’s Bliss
Chimayo Trading Post
Cid’s Food Market
Collignon Roofing
Common Fire
Contessa Darling
Crossroads Realty & Management
El Norte Meats
Diane Enright,
The Face Place
First New Mexico Title and Abstract Company
Five Star Burgers
Friday Motors, Inc.
High Altitude Athletics
High Altitude Health & Fitness
High Desert Vocal Studio
Ken Price Studio
Kit Carson Electric Cooperative
Kris Perry Designs
The Love Apple
Lucas Construction
Mackenzi Frederick Massage Therapy
Material Cut
Natelson Law Firm
Nurturessence Natural Skincare
Orlando’s New Mexican Café
Peoples Bank
Phoenix Mechanical
Quoted Cup
Rachel Donner Ceramics
Randall Lumber and Hardware, Inc.
Revolve Design
Rio Grande Ace Hardware
Rivera Family Funeral Home
Roundbarn Apothecary
Shree Yoga
Sugar Bare
Sunrise Springs Spa Resort
Taos Aerial Gym
Taos Common Fire
Taos Cookery
Taos Dental Group
Taos Gravel Products
Taos Net
The Taos News
Taos Landscaping
Taos Offroad and Performance
Tierra Wood Stoves
Wannamaker Pottery
Wayne Rutherford General Contractor, Inc.
Wilder Nightingale Fine Art
Window Pro


Taos Lions Club


Sue Goldberg


Dr. Karen Adler Storthz


Foor Foundation
Frederick H. Leonhardt Foundation
Hancock Family Foundation
Harry Chapin Foundation
LOR Foundation
Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation
Quail Roost Foundation
Reed Family Foundation
Santa Barbara Foundation
Taos Community Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation
Wilder Green Fund


Richard Abeles
Abeyta Engineering, Inc.
ABI Real Estate Investments, Nancy and Doug Bachtel
Accesso Siriusware
Acorn Graphics
Albertson’s Community Partners Program
Alpine Fire Safety Systems, Inc.
Wiz Allred
Dr. Charles and Edy Anderson
Judith Anderson
Anonymous Donors
Nina Anthony
Benji Apodaca
Dianne Appel
Arabian Nights Foods
Orlando and Flora Archuleta
Elvira and Angel Arellano
Carmella Armijo
Karina Armijo
Barbara Arnold
Gary Atias
Robert Attiyeh
Aura Fitness
Yaneis Autumn
Lyn and James Avery
Prisma Avery
Gina Azzari
Mike Baca
Margaret Bachtel
Backer Family Fund, Taos Community Foundation
Barbara and Jerry Bader
Shelley Bahr
Leslie Baker
Philip Bareiss
Bob and Sharon Barton
Jamie and Elon Bauer
Tom Baumgartel
Michael and Molly Bearden
Beaudry Insurance Agency
Melissa and Ed Bell
Steven Benedict
Eddie Berg
Lawrence and Ursula Berkowitz
Susan Berman
Patricia Berry
Michele Beuttel
Kate and Larry Bierman
Merrily and Paul Beyreuther
Roberta and RL Billingsley
Amanda Bissell
Ann Bissett
Ken and Gloria Bjerk
Lauren and Per Bjorkman
Bob and Sally Blair
Alexsis Blake
Joey Blue
Janara Bornstein
Dawn Boulware
Tad and Nancy Bourg
Annette and Jalmar Bowden
Nancy and Robert Bowen
Jaqueline Bralove
Ashley Branch
Albert and Siri-Anne Branson
Richard Bratten
Sue Breazeale
Kathleen Brennan and Kat Duff
Barbara Brenner
Brown and Brown Insurance
Judy and David Buck
Lee Bullock
Susannah Burke
Mary and Jim Burns
John Burst, CPA
Robert Butterfield
Cadillac Builders
John and Rosemary Cain
Lisa and John Cancro
Casa Benavides Inn
Centinel Bank of Taos
Dr. Stephen Cetrulo
Ruth and Harry Chacon
Mante Chacon, Jr.
George J. Chavez
Maria Chavez
Chevron Mining Inc, Questa Mine
Cid’s Food Market Fund, Taos Community Foundation
Senator Carlos Cisneros
Claireworks Gallery
Brenda and Terry Clark
Clearlight Worship Group
Janis and Roy Coffee
Jim and Sharon Coffman
Coldwell Banker
Ale and Ollie Collignon
Collignon Roofing
Romy and Carl Colonius
Jane Compton
Francisco and Amy Ann Cordova
Janie Corrinne
Cottam Ski Shops
Brooke Cottam
Mark Cowan
Terre Cowden
CPA Southwest
Bette Craig
Crossroads Realty
Nancy and Jane Crothers
Richard Crowley
Frances and Dennis Cruz
Bob and Carol Cudd
DMC Broadcasting
Stephanie Joy Daffron
Cindy Rea Daniell
Terry Davis
John Day
Connie Deahl-Smith
Melissa Delano
Betty Jo and Winfield Denton
Diamond Finish Construction
Diamond Plaza
Joy Dillingham
Dimond Mortgage
Daniela DiPiero
DMC Broadcasting
Tammy Dobbs
Dobson House
Mary Domito
Gale Picard Dorion
Bob and Isabella Draper
Hong Hai DuBroff and Robert DuBroff
Bill and Donna Dufresne
Bobby and Cleo Duran
Luanne Dryer Elliot
Diane Enright, Berkshire Hathaway
Jules and Georgia Epstein
Essential Massage and Spa Therapies
Necia Ethridge
A’Nova and Pat Ettien
The Face Place
Fred Fair
Linda K. Fair
Kay and June Fancher
David and Carol Farmer
William C. Farr
Charles and Marsha Fawns
Cidney Fee
Lucy and Allen Ferguson
Norm Ferguson and Anne Marie Petrokubi
Fidelity National Title of New Mexico
Balinda and Joseph Fiebiger
Kiersten Figurski
James A. Finch III
First New Mexico Title & Abstract, David and Cathy Height
Five Star Burgers
Patricia Fooshee
Vickie Ford
Alyce Frank
Dr. Robert and Amy M. Franklin
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Steve and Mary Lou Freach
Amanda and Colin French
Debbie Friday Jagers
Judy Friday
Friday Motors
Hank Friedman
Andrea Frost and Joe Caldwell
Clark Funk
Candy Gallaher and Marc Langweiler
Ken Gallard
Liz Gardner
Georgia Gersh
Hugh Gibson
Dixie Gillette
Mary and Jim Gilroy
Give Grande NM
Gayle and Gabriella Glanz
Nancy and John Glasgow
Jim and Gwenneth Glenn
Dan and Matty Goldberg
Beth Goldman
Whitney Goler
Representative Roberto Gonzales
Edwina Gonzales
Gus and Denise Gonzalez
Matthew Gonzalez
Alicia Graves
Julie Gray
Sara Jean and Eugene Gray
The Wilder Green Fund
Ginny Greeno
Lucile Leigh Grieder
Michelle Griego
Kaitlyn Griffith
Group 3 Development
Lisa and Dan Guttman
Cat Hale and Karlis Viceps
Leslie Hale
John and Peggy Hamilton
Lanie and Ed Hampton
Lynn Hamrick
Jennifer Harris
Kellie Harris, D.D.S.
Charles Harrison
Larry and Mary Harrison
Laurie Harter
Mary Harty
Susan Haugen
Bart Hazleton
Dennis Hedges and Rebecca Corry
Patsy Height and William Boub
Patricia Heinen
Morika Hensley
Mike and Caryn Hess
High Mesa Productions
David Hillman
John S. and Mary Ann Hillyard
Glenn and Mary Hobratschk
Brad Hockmeyer
Judy Hofer
Peter and Christy Hofstetter
Holy Cross Hospital
Phyllis Hotch
Will Howard
John and Jeanne Hughes
Kyoko Hummel
Mary Humphrey
Carrie Humphreys
Roger Hyndman
Jacqueline Imberger
Roland Jacobs
Joy Jacobson
Gabe Jacquez
Walter Jakiela, D.D.S.
Jaynes Corporation
Marcos Jeantete
Rose Jeantete
Lisa Jeantette Mondragon and Mark Mondragon
Nancy Jenkins
Jane Jergins and Adam Seitchik
John Dunn Shops
C.J. Johnson and Ann Acrey
Etsuko and Cleland Johnson
Janice Johnson
Nancy Johnson
Robin and Jim Jones
Jones Family Fund, Taos Community Foundation
Anne Kaplan
Elizabeth Karlin
Ann Karraker
Mary Katz
Dr. Michael and Bonnie Kaufman
Florence Kell
Jean and Stephen Kenin
Juman Khweis
Heyam and Ziad Khweis
Kit Carson Electric Co-op
Ana R. Klenicki
Tom and Joella Knapp
Knight Financial Ltd.
Billy and Lynn Knight
Amanda and David Kocon
Bonnie Korman KRZA
Beverly Kuhn
Lambert’s of Taos
Ron and Carol Larimore
Vincent Laroza
Tim Larsen
Roger and Judy Lashley
Lisa Lavadie-Gomez
Justin Lea
Rene and Fayne LeClerc
Lynn and Joan Lee
Dawn Leland-Heino and Craig Heino
Tina Leonard
Roberta and Roger Lerman
Leslie Law, PC
Mary and Douglas Leslie
Liberty Ranch
Mary, Bill and Rick Lien
Laurie Liss
Annette and Harold Littman
Joan Logghe
Polly and George Long
Anthony Lopez
Arlene Lopez
Clara Lopez
Jehieli Lopez
Mariel Lovato
Ruth Lovato Dale
Dr. James Lubowitz
Wanda Lucero State Farm Insurance Agency
Lucus Construction
J.P. Lujan
Travis Lusk-White
Drs. Linda and Spike Lynch
Carol Lyons
Molly MacCracken
Maddox Outdoor Solutions
Andra and Ben Maddox
Susan and Don Maddox
Nancy and Vishu Magee
Magpie Fund, Taos Community Foundation
Brenda and Gary Maitland
Janet Majerus and Robert Burke
Jonna-Lynn Mandelbaum
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Mann
Sarah and John Mantis
Gloria and Amado Mares
Shelbee Mares
Yolanda Mares
Stephen Mares
Susie and Russell Martin
Trevor Martin
Alycia Martinez
Amogene Martinez
Betsy Martinez
Delilah Martinez
Debbie and Elmer Martinez
Gayle and Peter Martinez
Marisa Martinez
Stephanie and Claren Martinez
Ilse Mayer
Sally Mayer
Sally and Cavill Maze
Carol L. McAdams
Cheryl and Mick McCall
Susann McCarthy
Sydney McDonnell
Sharon and Don McLaughlin
Gayle and Ted McNeil
Cindy and Ted Medina
Wayne and Carol Mell
Greg Messner
Catherine Meyer
Michael’s Kitchen
Claudia and Vish Miller
Haydock Miller
Edwina Milner
Jane Mingenbach
David Miniat
Gael and Ty Minton
Chastelle Mitchell, Solutions Bookkeeping
Pat and Molly Mondragon
Syri Mongiello
Ginger Mongiello
Berlinda and Joe Montoya
Daniel Montoya
Joella Montoya Farmers Insurance Agency
Nancy and Richard Montoya
Carey Moore
Martie Moreno
Sawnie Morris and Brian Shields
Linda Moscarella
Becky and Jake Mossman
Mount Zion Tabernacle
Susan Moyer
Mudd n’ Flood
Jean Muste
Bette Myerson
Kathy Namba and Summer Wood
Natelson Law Firm
Leslie Nathanson Juris and Hervey Juris
Carol A. Neeley
Heather Nelson
Peggy Nelson
Margaret Nes and Bob Alderisio
Renze Nesbit
New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union
New Mexico Gas Company
Dr. Colin Nicholls
Louella and Gerald Nichols
Andrea and Patrick Nicholson
Rich and Sharon Niemeyer
Robert Nightingale
Kate and Morten Nilssen
Liv Nilssen
Faye Noeding
Jack and Phyllis Nottingham
Justin Nylund, D.D.S.
Lisa, Patrick and Conner O’Brien
Rita O’Connell
Neal Ogden
Katlin Okamoto
Patricia and Steve Okamoto
Sandra O’Kelly
Catherine Oliver
Kate O’Neill
Ortega’s Inc. dba Orlando’s and Station Cafe
Vanessa Ortiz
Dr. Loretta Ortiz y Pino
Elizabeth and William Overstreet
Bill and Kit Owen
Dr. Richard and Jane Padberg
Nancy T. Park
Dr. Robert Pasternack
Bill and Cindy Patten
Wes Patterson and Stacy Quinn
Terry and Don Penington
Peoples Bank
Dolly and Fred Peralta
Richard and Bette Pesikoff
Allison Peters
Rosie Peters
Chavie Petersen
Dr. Quigley Peterson
Petree Nursery, Mike and Sylvia Petree
Katherine Pettus
Phoenix Mechanical
Piñon Investments of Taos
Baleria Polanco
Sanjay Poovadan
Happy Price
Jackson Price
Ken Price Studio
Elizabeth Radosevich
Florence and Charley Rael
Santana Rael
Randall Lumber and Hardware
Shelly Ratigan
Polly Raye and Bill Christmas
Margery Reading
Diane and Charles Reichwein
Peter Rich
Jean Richards
Ana Riddel
Jane and Mark Ridder
Anne Riebli
Ron Rinker
Chris and Stanley Riveles
Rivera Family Funeral Home
Edwardo and Lisa Romero
Eliu Romero
Elizabeth Romero
Fabi Romero
Leslie Mondragon Romero and Chris Romero
Margaret Romero
Martin and Cheryl Romero
Norris and Ernie Romero
Rebeca Romero Rainey and John Rainey
Vera Romero
Priscilla and Raymond Romo
Stephen J. Rose and Barbara Zaring
Stephen W. Rose
Doris Rosen
Sandra Rosenberg
Sharon Rosenthal
Abby and Marc Rossman
Wayne Rutherford General Contractor
Barbara Rutledge
Dianna and Kenji Sakai
Roberta Salazar
Salon Marjorie
Gene and Jules Sanchez
Loraine and Dennis Sanchez
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sanders
Stefany Sanders
Miguel Santistevan
Christine Sargent and Brent Maddin
Pat and Larry Sargent
Joel and Marny Schantz
Schoen Construction
Lucas and Lindsey Schreiber
Mark Schuetze
Lorraine and Ira Schwartz
Janet Scott
Karol and Tim Seay
Leann and Steven Segner
Geneva Seltzer
Cobey Senescu
Jeff Shannon
Shaw Family Fund, Taos Community Foundation
Pam Shepherd
Claire Sheridan
Barbara Sherman
Laura, Andy and Lily Sierra
Jason and Monica Silva
Mark Silva
Vicki Silva
Silva’s Excavation, Inc.
Dr. Robert Silver and Dianne Frost
Susan Simms
Steve Simon
Geraldine Simons
Tony Skvarla
Leah and Jonathan Slator
Lon and Nancy Slaughter
Ann and Loren Smith
Barbara and Robert Smith
Southside Copies
Michelle Spark
Judy and Tom Sparrow
John and Francy Speirs Fund, Taos Community Foundation
Wendy and Chris Stagg
Tricia and Eric Stammberger
Starr Interiors
Cindy Stiteler
St. James Episcopal Church Women
Gary and Donna Storch
Karen and Joe Storthz
Taylor Streit
Marty Stribling
B.V. Stuart
Studio Karina
Bambi and Lou Sturbois
Margaret Sumner-Wichmann
Doug Swinehart
Andrea Szekeres
Amanda and Thomas Tafoya
Ken and Janet Taht
Taos Auto Enthusiasts
Taos Cookery
Taos County Chamber of Commerce
Taos Gravel Products
Taos High School Culinary Arts Program
Taos Inn
Taos Landscaping Inc., Carol Wildman
Taos Lions Club
Taos Medical Group
Taos Milagro Rotary Club
Taos Mountain Casino
Taos Municipal Schools
Taos Net
Taos News
Taos Offroad and Performance
Taos Physical Therapy
Taos Pilates Studio
Taos Properties
Taos Restaurant Group
Taos Ski Valley Fund, Taos Community Foundation
Taos Ski Valley, Inc.
Taos Taekwondo Academy
Taos Tennis at Quail Ridge
Taos Veterinary Clinic
Gloria and Steve Taylor
Madeline Taylor
Sally and Ted Terry
Nancy and Jeff Tetenbaum
Scott Thayer
Tierra Wood Stoves
Mike Tilley
Mimi and Andrew Ting
Sandy Tolbert
Jade and Beatrix Toma
Mr. and Mrs. John Toole
Briana Torres
David and Kristen Torres
Town of Taos
Peter and Maureen Tredwin
Ric Tredwin
Sally D. Trigg
Anthony Trujillo
Diana Trujillo
David Tucker
Twirl Toystore and Playspace
Ross and Kristin Ulibarri
Unicorn School Supply
University of New Mexico – Taos
Up Front Construction
Lauria and Ricardo Urbanejo
U.S. Bank
Yolanda and Michael Valerio
Valverde Energy
Dave Van Eeckhoute
Hans and Judy Van Heyst
Carrie and Ray Vann
Deborah and Ben Van Willigen
Ben and Rose Vásquez
Ryann Vernon
Video Casa
Alfredo Vigil and Eleanor Romero
Verna and Norbert Vigil
Dr. Sylvia Villareal
Jenny Vincent
Dori Vinella
Vivac Winery
Mary Wahl
William Wardle
Pennie Wardlow
Michelle Warren
Ara Watson and Samuel Blackwell
Guilford Webb
Terry and Douglas Webb
Susan and Steve Weil
Valerie and Pete Wells
Lowber Welsh
Stephen Whisnant
Jim White
Ben and Carolyn Whitehill
Whitney Appraisal Associates
John and Sandy Whitney
Ted and Marcella Wiard
Cope Wight
Dr. John Wilson
Kristina Wilson
Suzanne Wiggin-Wilson and Ian Wilson
Window Pro
Winter Family Fund, Taos Community Foundation
Jay Wood
Pat and Carmen Woodall
Nancy and John Woodworth
Lavoy and Harold Wright
Mark and Debbie Yaravitz
Kate and Bill Yost
Paula Zera
William E. and Caryle H. Zorumski


Shane and Lexie Diamond
Sylvia Foley
Sue Goldberg
Gene Gray
Vivian Lucia Montoya Dye


Jonathan Stuart Bourg
Marge Kantor
Thelma Mares
Jeanette Berman Salot
Carlos Sanchez
Dr. Karen Adler Storthz
Louise Trigg


Bread for the Journey
Con Alma Health Foundation
Cudd Foundation
Daniels Fund
Foor Foundation
Hancock Family Foundation
Harry Chapin Foundation
Hispanics in Philanthropy
John E. and Jeanne T. Hughes Charitable Foundation
The Frederick H. Leonhardt Foundation
The LOR Foundation
Los Alamos National Laboratory Community Giving Program
Los Alamos National Security Employee Giving Program
J.F Maddox Foundation
McCune Charitable Foundation
Quail Roost Foundation
Santa Barbara Foundation
Santa Fe Community Foundation
Barbara and Barre Seid Foundation
Shell Oil Matching Gifts Program
Richard B. Siegel Foundation
Susan and Conrad De Jong Fund, Santa Fe Community Foundation
Taos Community Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation

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