Bridges Project

is a nonprofit serving Northern New Mexico.

We provide free, individualized college counseling and support programs for students of all ages.

We help students with applications and financial aid, and guide students in making informed choices about the best college for their needs (income, learning style) and academic, career and life goals.

A college education can offer: subject knowledge; trade mastery; a new profession; or degrees that increase income and their benefits.

Bridges believes that when individuals succeed, so do their family, community, and by extension, the world.


More from some of our featured students…

Mark Peralta-Silva

Mark says, “Bridges really helped me navigate the intricacies of the application process and to explore what was available – I had dreams of going to school outside of New Mexico but, to be honest, I didn’t really know what existed aside from the Ivy League schools. The counselors at Bridges were great at developing my potential as an applicant and they helped me and my parents feel comfortable with me leaving the nest – I think when I look back to that initial experience, they helped me feel comfortable pursuing a new academic and personal journey and that gave me the confidence I needed to succeed.” Congratulations, Mark!

Quinn Moon

Quinn says, “Bridges pushed me to apply to the University of Hawaii and ultimately led me to my dream school. Every day I am thankful I made the college decision I did, and I never could have made that decision without the support and guidance of Bridges.” Congratulations, Quinn!

Jonah Vigil

Jonah says, “Bridges really helped me with my financial aid and looking into colleges. They gave me great advice and told me to explore things that I never would have done if I hadn’t gone to Bridges.” Congratulations, Jonah!

Mary Jensen

Mary says, “Bridges was extremely helpful in the process of applying to colleges and choosing the best fit for my college experience. I am very grateful for their support and guidance, which helped get me to where I am today! Without Bridges, I wouldn’t have known where to start for my future endeavors.” Congratulations, Mary!

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A Tribute to Pam Shepherd


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