Bridges was founded twenty years ago, in order to change the number of degree holders in Taos County and in Northern New Mexico. Then, there were few degree holders here, especially among Hispanic and Pueblo communities, and for those who were lower income and in the first generation in their family to pursue postsecondary education. Bridges’ mission was to increase college access by supporting people through the various steps of the admissions and financial aid process, because our founders understood that the process can be complex and daunting, especially for those first-generation hopefuls and for older, non-traditional students who had a goal set but no clear, well-trod path to reach their objective. The local school systems were habitually underfunded and hardworking guidance counselors were burdened with huge student caseloads and numerous other responsibilities. Bridges felt there was a need for the free, one-on-one college counseling that has been the heart of our work for two decades and more than 2,700 clients and their families.

Although we have seen improvements in the number of college graduates in Taos County in the last 10 years, especially among Hispanics, there is still more work for Bridges to do. We work intensively with clients, meeting them where they are, while ensuring we help them through key waypoints that can be easy to overlook. We help them find schools and programs that are a good fit for their circumstances, needs and goals. We strive to help them complete their education with a minimal debt. Read more about Bridges’ work across the years and find out what remains the same and what has changed in “We Are Bridges.”

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