Graduating seniors in Taos County have the opportunity to apply for numerous scholarships between now and early April. Thanks to the coordination of Ms. Kat Duran at Taos High School (THS), these scholarships  – along with their application and requirements – can be found in one location on the THS website. Although some of the scholarships are specific to THS grads, many are open to seniors across the county.

Some of the scholarships request a completed Common Scholarship Application (CSA), although others have their own application. Most have short answer questions, a short essay prompt, request transcripts and some ask for personal recommendations. As with any scholarship, it is important to determine if a scholarship might be a good fit, identify the requirements and then make a plan to ensure that you will have submitted the full application by the deadline. Note that most of these scholarships have a postmark deadline and this is generally April 2, 2018.

Bridges can help you work through these applications and identify other scholarships that might be a good fit.


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