This page provides information for all the individuals and organizations in our community who provide essential supports for students as they begin and complete the process of applying to colleges and for financial aid. We use the term “college” to encompass two- and four-year post-secondary education at a college or university, with the outcome ranging from a certification in a skill or vocational training to an associate, undergraduate and even graduate or master’s degree. We provide information specific to Parents and Guardians, School Counselors and Community Agencies.


How can Bridges help your college-bound student? We offer free, one-on-one college counseling for all steps in the application and financial aid process. Bridges works with students to guide them through all of the keys steps of the application and financial aid process, or at critical points where they need extra support. We assist the student’s family and student allies through this process, too, whether you’re helping your younger student plan ahead or completing a FAFSA form with your college student.

About the Application Process

The key steps are listed on the page. The most beneficial assistance that you can offer your student is to learn about and understand the process and its timeline. Help your student stay on task and organized, understand their options and make informed decisions.

About the Financial Aid Process

The essential steps are outlined on the Student page. Your student needs to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) and they will need the income and financial information for their parent(s) or guardian(s). Bridges can help when it’s time to discuss the financial aid package that your student has received from the schools where they’ve applied. We work with you to consider the grants, scholarships and loans that may be listed on the award versus the costs of tuition, fees, room & board and general living costs.

Ways to Support Your Middle School Student

  • Add to or start a college saving fund for your student.
  • Encourage your student to challenge her/himself in their class work.
  • Foster positive study habits and support your student’s extracurricular activities.
  • Learn about and discuss careers and higher education paths with your student.
  • Help your student strategically plan their high school classes for college preparation.

Ways to Support Your High School Student

  • Investigate colleges that meet your student’s needs and your family circumstances.
  • Help your student verify they will meet the requirements to get accepted to these colleges.
  • Teach your student “adulting” skills, such as budgeting, paying bills, cooking and etcetera.
  • Work with your student to create a budget that balances cost of living with school expenses.
  • Prepare financial materials ahead of time that your student will need to complete their FAFSA.

Ways to Support Your College Student

  • Encourage your student with positive communications, especially around critical periods.
  • Educate your student about possible challenges and strategies for overcoming these.

How to Use the Resource Page

Our college counselors understand the intricacies of the admissions and financial aid process. You are welcome to meet with a counselor for an overview of these processes, or to ask specific questions about an aspect of either process. Call or email us to make an appointment. You are also welcome to accompany your student to their initial and successive appointments.

This website provides a Resources Page for all possible steps in these processes. Learn more.


Bridges supports Taos County students by providing free, individualized college counseling to students of all ages. We recognize that our local high school counselors have the responsibility of counseling a great number of students, in addition to your other, numerous duties. Your outstanding work is an essential part of guiding our high school graduates toward their future. Bridges exists to augment what you are doing so well and to buoy your efforts because of your immense scope of work. To this end, we are happy to work with any students that you refer to us by calling or sending us an email.

We give presentations to high school juniors that provide an overview about the college application and financial aid process. Please call or email us to schedule a presentation for your juniors.

This website provides a wealth of information about the college application and financial aid process on our Resources page that you are welcome and invited to share with your students.


Bridges has worked extensively with students across Taos County with all types of backgrounds, circumstances and goals for academics and careers. We support your clients by providing free, one-on-one college application and financial aid counseling so they understand the processes, have guidance through key aspects of these processes and can make informed choices that best align with their needs and aims. Please refer your prospective or current college students directly to Bridges by calling or sending us an email>.

We also provide overview presentations about the college application and financial aid process to groups on a case-by-case basis. Callor emailus to inquire about scheduling a presentation for your clients.

This website provides a broad range of information about the college application and financial aid process on our Resources page that you are welcome and invited to share with your clients.


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