Fly-In Programs for Seniors

A number of colleges and universities offer special three-day opportunities for high school students with a strong academic profile to visit their campus in the fall of their senior year of high school. Many specifically target students who are from groups that are often underrepresented in higher education, which may include first-generation, low-income and minority students. Some of these schools even offer travel assistance to get to and from their campus, in addition to room and board while visiting the school, which is why they’re often called Fly-In Programs. Visit the college websites linked below to learn more about eligibility, program activities and offerings and possible travel assistance.

Co-Ed Colleges

College of the Atlantic Application due July 21.

MIT Application due July 16.

Swathmore College Application due July 14.

Women’s Colleges

Barnard College Application due June 1.

Bryw Mawr College Application due June 15.

Smith College Application due June 16.